"Worthier than ploughing is to manure the field; Weeding done, worthier than watering is to secure the yield" - a couplet from Thirukkural, 2000 year old Tamil poetry, highlighting securing the agricultural yield

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Our Goals

India's post-harvest losses (PHL) is estimated at Rs. 92561 Crores per annum which is 3% of the agriculture contribution to GDP. Our primary goal is to reduce at least 3% of this PHL in the next 7 years. We specialise in affordable ON FARM & NEAR FARM food processing systems & scaled-down small-batch process technologies for producing value-added minimally processed food products, benefitting the FPOs, large independent farmers & processors

Our Technologies

LowDry - Refrigeration based low-temperature food dehydration WaterFry - Oil & fat-free fruit and vegetable crisping system LowFreeze - Ultra low-temperature batch freezing TTEC Micro - Scaled-down thermal processing systems We also integrate other food process technologies to offer a complete one-stop solution

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How We Differ

We offer focused end to end small batch process solutions for FPOs and large farmers to process their produce for Indian and global markets We also build large industrial scale continuous food process lines

Healthy Processed food

Our process technologies are designed for delivering minimally processed preservative-free products to the consumers

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Energy efficiency is at the core of our equipment design engineering for conserving the energy

Simple One-Touch Operation

All our technologies & equipment are designed for simple and easy one-touch operation

What You Can Produce With Our Process Technologies

This list is not exhaustive, talk to us for a customised solution for your product

Dehydrated Foods & Ingredients

Soft dried fruits & vegetables Fruit & vegetable powders Crisped fruit & vegetable chips Pre-cooked and dehydrated rice Exotic whole & powdered seafood

Frozen Foods

Frozen fruits & vegetables Vegan burger patties Vegan snacks Heat and eat meals and curries

Small Batch Aseptic Foods

Baby food Aged care speciality food Fruit juices Jams & marmalades with fruit pieces Fruit chutneys & Nut pastes Other condiments and sauces

Our Business Model

For FPOs & Individual farmers we identify potential opportunities for their certified organic produce, help them install the suitable process technology. We advise and finance them for inputs. We procure, process, add value, market & share the revenue with the farmers. For medium & large processors we offer food process plant engineering & build solutions on a turnkey basis for conventional & organically grown produce.

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The Team

Meet our small creative team delivering great outcomes

Co-Founder & Partner

Technology and consumption trends are changing rapidly. Product innovation and consumer focus are the key to sustaining a successful food business. Specialises in process technology & global consumer markets

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Food processors should focus more on delivering affordable cost-effective products to their customers. Innovate the process to deliver nutritious superior quality products. Specialises in process engineering and global project delivery

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